Mobile Internet signal symbol "G" "E" "H" "T" perfect explanation

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supercard dstwoThe three mobile users mobile phone network icon: the "G, E, HG: the peak of the full name: gprs only transfer rate theory is 114Kbps, which is as early as their wireless networks. E: full name: EDGE, both the transmission rate at peak can reach 384kbps, now more mainstream wireless networks. T: full name: TD-SCDMA technology is in its infancy, and now the version is divided into R4R5R6R7 R7 is the theoretical value can reach peak download speeds twods of 12M. but now use the version R4 version, theory Download numeric: 378.2KBS, is still relatively small, but after all, is China's independent intellectual property rights, so a lot of support when your phone signal is unstable, it is converted in these three bands to ensure your phone call requirements. Unicom users associated to the user, only two, only the "G" and the "H" G Needless to say, and moving, but because the r4i 3dsbase station less so, China Unicom's 2G network whole is slow you can. H: full name: the theory of the download speed of HSDPA, it can reach 7.2Mbps, in the name the Dingding the Unicom 3G! both of WCDMA, because I am using this, so to say: I said earlier theoretical download speeds, the actual time I used, now we home with 1M broadband speeds, if the good thing is the speed of 2M yo. Similarly, the comparative costs of electricity said here to say some of the way, how to choose the 3G brand when it comes to brand, it will only select the machine started, and some people have doubts, I did not buy a WCDMA phone will not be able to move the No. ? Of course not, the placement of a mobile number can only be mobile 2G connection speed, EDGE Internet speed mobile 3G machine personally do not think that all mobile custom machine, but is cheap. If you want intelligent machine OMS operating system

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